Bike Park / Course Map

CranX Bike and Sports Park
The Premier Indoor and Outdoor Park for all things Bike related.
• Indoor Park portion situated within a 90,000 plus square foot building, formerly warehouse space.
• Party room, lounge and picnic area.
• Outdoor Park portion in excess of 3 acres.
• Bike Park catering to Mountain Bike, BMX Bike, Cross Country and Road Bike enthusiasts.
• Section, Beginner, Intermediate and Expert Areas.
• Indoor and Outdoor Park featuring Half Pipe, Foam Pit, Cross Country Track, Pump Tracks, Bowl Section, Running/Walking Track, Berm Trails, Freeride Trails, Jump Trails, Road Track, Street
• This is one of 3 Indoor Parks of this Class on the North American Continent. The Outdoor Component of CranX is the largest of the 3.
• Family oriented, features for all ages and experience.
• Season’s Membership Passes, Day Passes and Combination Packs. Fitness Memberships available as well.