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Our Work In Progress:

See this link for a panoramic view from the Bird’s Nest.

Current Work in Process (images are delayed by approx. one week):

Our Entrance to the Park

Front of our building - 6341 Thompson Road - go around to the back right

Outdoor Park Area 1 - Lots to clean up

Outdoor Park Area 2 - More to clean

Outdoor Park Area 3 - More to Clean Up

Before - Outdoor 4

Indoor 1 - Before - Big Mess

Indoor 2 - before


Indoor 3 - Before

Indoor 4 - Before

Indoor 5 - Before

Indoor 6 - Before

Clean 1 - Big improvement!

Clean 2

View from the Birds Nest

Birds Nest 2

Construction Begins 1

Help in all shapes and sizes!

Work 2

Work 3

More ramps

Pipes and Ramps for the Street Area


New Men's and Women's Baths and Locker rooms are framed

Men at Work


Front Entry Ramp

Front Entry Ramp 2

Men at Work 2


Replacing fixtures, upgrading to efficient units

First Complete Table Top Jump

Dale putting up the first section of the XCountry Course

Cement poured for the new baths!

rampin' up

awesome crew!

Street section is moving along nicely

And more!

DId I say "what a crew?"


Awesome guys from Cali and PA

One berm wall coming up


Pump pit is under construction!

One berm wall coming up

wall up

Up close and personal


king of the hill (pump pit)

pump pit





more platforms


wide view

wide view

entry ramp

new berm




one free ride course, coming up!

great view

future double berm

Double Berm Wall almost done!

You are the best!



free ride area


berm area

Double Berm

free ride